Mail Pouch Barnstormers

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If you are a Mail Pouch Enthusiast and would like to be part of this great group of people, we invite you to join us. Our membership consists of people from all walks of life who are joined together by their love and enthusiasm for this historic piece of Americana. Membership is open to anyone willing to share photographs, history, stories or information regarding these structures.

The majority of our membership resides within the boundaries of Ohio and Pennsylvania, but also includes members as far away as Florida, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia and Canada.

The purpose of our group is to promote an awareness of these historic structures by sharing information about them, including photographs and their locations. Our goal is to locate, identify, and learn more about Mail Pouch Structures. Our mission is to document, photograph and assign an official number to each Mail Pouch Structure known to exist, past or present. This information is compiled, stored and shared with anyone interested through our web site:

As a member, you will learn more about these structures, their locations, history and individual characteristics that make each one unique. You will also receive a full-color, quarterly newsletter updating you on these structures, interesting articles submitted by our members and exciting contest for you to participate in. You are also welcome to attend our annual Barnstormer's picnic held each year on the last Saturday in July at the old school in Belmont, Ohio.

Our web site has been growing in leaps and bounds, in part, due to the wonderful contributions of many individuals who share the love and enthusiasm for our Mail Pouch Barns. We encourage our members to share in the fun and excitement by sharing your photographs with us. Visit the Mail Pouch Barnstormers web site to see the types of barns and other sites which are appropriate for contribution.

We hope you will consider joining our group, and encourage others to join as well. But most importantly, we hope you will have fun as well as make new friends along the way.

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