Wood Plaque Sign 1

Roane Co, WV
US Rt. 119/WV Rt. 33 east of WV Rt. 14 (just west of Spencer), by 6.0 miles. The barn is on the left side of the highway headed east. The MP sign faces south. One end with Wood Plaque Sign 1. Black. Not painted by Harley Warrick.
GPS Coordinates:
N 38° 47.62' W -81° 15.31'
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Photo 1 by Larry Zinn (Nov. 1987 - contributed by Butch Moon).
Photos 2 & 3 by unknown.
Photo 4 by Steven Rotsch (2003).

The photo 1 shows the sign in the original location, in Nov. 1987. Photos 2-4 show that the sign has been relocated to a new building and the location information above is the site for that building.
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