Thermometer 21

*Building GONE* Southeast corner of Fifth Ave. & Boyd St. intersection, in the Bluff section of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA.
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Photos 1-3 by unknown (July 22, 1960).

Photos 2 & 3 are enlargements of Photo and are provided for detail.

At the time of the photo, Boyd St. continued through from Diamond St. to Fifth Ave. This section was removed when the building in the photo  was removed to allow for the construction of the 700 Fifth Avenue building.

In photo 3, at the right of the view the Crosstown Boulevard Bridge is under construction. Also, at the right, and above the bridge construction in the distance is the 564 Forbes Manor Complex building, which was built in 1958. 

GPS coordinates:
N 40° 26.33'  W -79° 59.60'
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