Thermometer 14

*Building GONE* N. Neville St. between Fifth Ave. & Bayard St. (old 7th St.), in Oakland section of Pittsburgh, PA., on Engine & Hose Company Building 14. The building was on the left side of N. Neville St. just north of the Ellsworth Ave. intersection.
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Photos 1-3 by unknown (Mar. 28, 1941).
Photo 4 by unknown (ca. 1885).
Photo 5 copied from 1889 City of Pgh Map.

Photos 1 & 2 are enlargements of Photo 3 and are provided for detail.

The location of the building was determined by referencing "Our Firemen: The History of the Pittsburgh Fire Department from the Village Period until the Present Time" 1889. Both Photo 4 and the location of the building were extracted from the book. In addition, 1889 City of Pittsburgh Map, Plate 21 (Photo 5) shows the location of the building.

Approximate GPS coordinates:
N 40° 26.91' W -79° 56.90'
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