Thermometer 12

*Building GONE* Northwest corner of W. Lacock St. & Itasco St. intersection, North Side section of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co. PA, on the front of a Fruit/Grocery Store (probably owned by C. B. Willey).
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Photos 1-3 by unknown (June 27, 1933).

Photos 2 & 3 are enlargements of Photo 1 and are provided for detail. 

In Photos 1 & 2 note the Mail Pouch advertising board in the window to the left of  Thermometer 12.

Approximate coordinates: 
N 40° 26.93' W -80° 00.44'
The site was 3 blocks west of Federal St. & 2 blocks north of General Robinson St. W. The entire North Side area has been renovated and W. Lacock St, no longer exists. Location information was determined using the 1925 City of Pittsburgh property map Plate 7B. 

In Photo 1 note the D. L. Clark Co. Candy Manufacturing building in the background.
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