Metal Sign 6

*GONE* Bates St. (PA Rt. 885) northeast of Second Ave. by about 240', in the Oakland Section of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA. The building was on the left side of the street headed north. The sign was on the south side of the building.
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Photo 1 by unknown (May 23, 1911).
Photo 2 by unknown (July 19, 1911).
Photo 3 by unknown (Sept. 11, 1911).
Photo 4 Google Earth street view (July 2011).
Photo 5 Google Earth street view (Aug. 2013).

In Photo 3 there is an 'Our Boys' Chewing Tobacco sign to the left of the Mail Pouch sign. A web-search was unable to locate any additional information about this chewing tobacco brand.

Photo 1 is taken from Second Avenue and are looking under the B & O Rail Road Bridge. This bridge, which is upgraded in Photo 4 is now the pathway for the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

Approximate GPS coordinates:
N 40° 25.90'  W -79° 57.55'
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