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*buildings GONE* Tunnel Street looking north from the West side of Wylie Ave, in Downtown Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA. Two metal signs the large one Metal Sign 4a; the small sign Metal Sign 4b.
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Photos 1-4 by unknown (Nov. 11, 1912).

Photos 1-3 are enlargements of Photo 4 and are provided for detail.

Photo 1 Metal Sign 4a; Photo 2 Metal Sign 4b.

The entire area encompassing Tunnel Street and the western section of Wylie Avenue has been significantly changed over the years to allow for modern construction of, among other projects, the US Steel Corp. Building. Tunnel Street was a short street connecting 5th Avenue and Webster Avenue; and running parallel and between 6th Avenue and Chatham Street. Wylie Avenue crossed Tunnel Street and terminated at Court Place. Tunnel Street no longer exists and the section of Wylie Avenue between Court Place and Crawford  Street was removed to allow for construction of the Civic Arena and the associated parking facilities. The accompanying photos show what the modern and upscale section of downtown Pittsburgh looked like in the early 1900's.

Approximate GPS coordinates:
N 40° 26.45'  W -79° 59.66'  
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