Metal Sign 3

Allegheny Co, PA
*Building GONE* Reliance St. (E. General Robinson St.) northeast of Federal St. intersection by about 230 '. The sign was on the right side of the street headed northeast.
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Photos 1 & 2 by unknown (Aug. 19, 1911).
Photo 3 Google Earth street view (Oct. 2012).

Photo 1 is an enlargement of Photo 1 and is provided for detail.

The actual location and GPS coordinates are approximate and are based on an estimation of the location per the location of the building shown on the left side of Photo 2 (1911) and the left side of Photo 3 (2012) in the distance which is a building that still exists at 216 E. General Robinson St.

GPS coordinates:
N 40° 26.90'  W -80° 00.20'
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