Metal Sign 2

*Building GONE* Southeast corner of the Grantham St. & Alliance St. intersection, on the North Side of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA.
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Photos 1-3 by unknown (July 8, 1911).

Photos 1 & 2 are enlargements of Photo 1 and are provided for detail.

Views are looking south toward the Allegheny River.

The North Side section of Pittsburgh has undergone extensive changes over the years. Reliance Street is now E. General Robinson St. and Grantham St. no longer exists. 1939 City of Pittsburgh Property Map (Plate 6A) was used to coordinate to location by determining the distance from Anderson St., to the southwest of the site; and, the existing RR bridge to the northeast of the site.

Approximate GPS coordinates:
N 40° 26.96'  W -79° 59'95'
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