Mail Box 1

Owned by the owner of MPB 38-05-03, in Bedford Co, PA.

GPS coordinates for the barn:
N 39° 52.37' W -78° 33.88'
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    Photo 1
Photo 1 by David White (Sept. 20, 2014).

David White spoke to the owner, who refused to be photographed and only allowed his first name (Tom) to be used. Tom told David White. "Tom knew Harley when Tom was just a kid, and he helped Harley do some painting. He said that Harley gave him the first (of about 50) mailboxes." The Mail Box has never been used. It was implied that it wa the first mail box because of the '00' painted on the box near Harley signature; however, anyone familiar with Harley's work knows that the '00' means the mail box was made in '2000'!
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