Backyard Shed 15

Marion Co, OH
Co. Hwy. 41 (Guthery Rd.) east of OH Rt. 37 (Richwood-La Rue Rd.) by about 0.75 mile. Take OH Rt. 37 (Richwood-La Rue Rd.) south out of La Rue, for about 3.0 miles to Co. Hwy. 41 (Guthery Rd.) Make left onto Guthery Rd. The barn is on the right side of the road toward the rear of the property. The MP sign faces west. One end. Red.
GPS coordinates: N 40° 32.72' W -83° 20.85'
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Photo 1 by Rick Campbell.
Photo 2 by Gyla Schnauffer (Sept. 2002). 
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