MPS/HSS 35-20-03

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Defiance Co, OH
Sides Painted
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photo 1 by Edward S. Bronson (ca. 1905). Photo 2 by Edward S. Bronson (1907). Photo 3 by Edward S. Bronson (1908). Photo 4 by Edward S. Bronson (1910). Photo 5 by Edward S. Bronson (ca. 1912). Photo 6 by Edward S. Bronson (1913).
Other Information
In photo 3, members of Gorman's Big Minstrels Show pose on Clinton St., before their performance at the Citizen's Opera House (building on the far left). They are standing at the intersection of Clinton St. & 5th St. The MPS 35-20-03 is at the right, on Clinton St.

Photo 4 shows 'NOLAN' sign painted over front part of the Mail Pouch sign. Taken during the 'Fall Festival'.

Photo 5 shows Honest Scrap sign painted over the back portion of the Mail Pouch sign. View shows an unknown parade on Clinton St. 
Where to find it
*GONE* OH Rt. 111 (Clinton St.), in Defiance, northeast of the intersection with 5th St. by 150'. The three story brick building was on the right side of the street headed northeast. One side. Brick building. Black.
Latitude °
41° 17.06'
Longitude °
-84° 21.80'
Barn Map
Latitude: 41.28427335569031       Longitude:-84.36336656812284
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