MPS/BDS 37-15-02

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Jackson Co, OR
Sides Painted
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Yes, Greatly faded
Photo 1 by unknown (Feb. 13, 2009). Photo 2 by Judy Watt (July 3, 2005). Photo 3 by Gary Lindquist (Sept. 8, 2005). Photos 4-6 by Robby Virus (Aug. 11, 2009). Photo 7 by unknown (Sept. 10, 2009). Photo 8 by Dr. Ken Jones (2010). Photo 9 by unknown (Aug. 10, 2012). Photo 10 by unknown (ca. 1930's). Photos 11 & 12 by Don Bain (June 21, 2001). Photo 13 by unknown.
Other Information
Date sequencing is confusing. The Beekman's Express Building is now on the corner and blocks the building to the southeast with the MP/BD signs. Photos 1 - 3, 11 & 12 indicate that the building was not existing prior to 2009; however, subsequent photos with earlier dates contradict this and it is not known when the building on the corner was erected. A tax assessment valuation states that the 229 sq. ft. addition (at 110 E. California St.) that filled in the space between the Beekman's Express Building, on the corner and the Two-story brick building with the MP/BD signs was built in 2002.   

Photo 10 is a view of the side of the building ca. 1930's. This date has been suggested by the presence of the Foster and Kiesler (F & K) billboards in the space between the side of the building and S. 3rd St. In this era, it was estimated that F & K were doing approximately 90% - 95% of the bill board advertising in the northwest.  This area was open during this period and subsequently the Mail Pouch and Bull Durham signs were painted on the side of the building.

Photo 12, by Don Bain, shows a panorama view which takes in MPS/BDS 37-15-02 and OWL 37-15-03. 
Where to find it
E. California St. southeast of S. 3rd St., in Jacksonville, by about 75'. The building is on the right side of the street headed southeast from S. 3rd St. The MP/BD sign faces northwest and the sign is partially obscured by an adjacent building. One side. Two-story brick building. Greatly faded.
Latitude °
42° 18.84'
Longitude °
-122° 58.05'
Barn Map
Latitude: 42.31401011445706       Longitude:-122.96750230000004
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