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Outagamie Co, WI
Sides Painted
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Uncovered Sign
Still Standing
Photos 1-10 & 16 Weider Family Collection (2014). Photo 11-15 by Bill Vint (2015).
Other Information
Photo sequence showing the uncovering of the Mail Pouch sign in the old Conkey's Bookstore.

Will and Pam Weider purchased the old Conkey's bookstore to renovate the first floor into a new retail business and remodel the second floor into their living quarters. The sign was discovered early in 2014 and is now restored as a feature in their decor. The sign is a feature article in the Summer 2014 Volume 12 Issue 3 of the Mail Pouch Barnstormers newsletter.

Where to find it
224-226 E. College Ave., in Appleton. The two-story brick building is on the right side of E. College Ave. headed west from N. Durkee St. toward N. Morrison St. The sign was on the exterior wall of the adjacent building (Kimball's Meat Market), when the building was built in 1892.
Latitude °
44° 15.72'
Longitude °
-88° 24.20'
Barn Map
Latitude: 44.26201701547646       Longitude:-88.40319594907379
Author: David Tower
Modified by: Ryan Eash
Modified on: 4th Jul, 2015 04:45 PM
Item ID: 2554

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