MPS 48-35-09

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Ohio Co, WV
Sides Painted
Black, Brown
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Unique Sign
Still Standing
Photo 1 by Steve Shaluta (2004). Photos 2-4 by unknown. Photo 5 by Myron Huffman (1973). Photo 6-9 by unknown. Photo 10 from Bloch Collection.
Other Information
*Photo 1 shows both signs.
*Photos 2-4 & 10 are views of the MP sign on the south end of the building. Photo 10 also shows MPS 48-35-03 in the foreground.
*Photos 5-8 are views of the MP sign on the east side of the building.
*Photo 9 is an aerial view of the MP sign on the sound end of the building, along with MPS 48-35-03, MPS 48-35-06 and MPS 48-35-10.
Where to find it
On 40th St., between Water St. and Jacob St., in Wheeling. Brown brick building. Building is built up against the east end of the building that has the two signs for MPS 48-35-03. Sign on south end is faded. Sign on east side has black background.
Latitude °
40° 02.50'
Longitude °
-80° 43.56'
Barn Map
Latitude: 40.041668372106535       Longitude:-80.72596298776625
Author: Ryan Eash
Modified by: Ryan Eash
Modified on: 16th Mar, 2014 09:00 PM
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