MPS 48-24-06

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Marion Co, WV
Sides Painted
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photos 1-4 by Larry Zinn (Aug. 1990 - contributed by Butch Moon). 
Photo 5 by Dave and Mary Ann Shaver (ca. 1986). 
Photo 6 by unknown (1909 Post Card).
Photo 7 by unknown (ca. early 1940's).
Other Information
Photo 6 (Post Card) shows the building in 1909 prior to the Mail Pouch sign and prior to the construction of the Jefferson Street Bridge. (There is an 'X' above the building). Note the building to the right with the Bull Durham sign (BDS 48-24-11).

Photos 1-5 were taken from Water Street on the opposite side of the Monongahela River.
Where to find it
*GONE (razed and removed)* Between Cleveland Ave. & the Monongahela River, on the left side of the Jefferson Street Bridge headed north into Fairmont. One side. Brick building. Black.
Latitude °
39° 28.98'
Longitude °
-80° 08.51'
Barn Map
Latitude: 39.48299449773769       Longitude:-80.14182068809816
Author: David Tower
Modified by: David Tower
Modified on: 29th Jan, 2018 01:57 PM
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