MPS 35-64-09

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Perry Co, OH
Sides Painted
Other Building
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photo 1 by Maurice Zimmerman (ca. early 1950's - contributed by Maxine Zimmerman Dudley). Photo 2 by unknown (ca. 1962 - contributed by Rob Dishon). Photo 3 Google street view (Oct. 2007). Photo 4 by unknown (ca. 1954 - contributed by Rob Dishon).
Other Information
The building was demolished in 1976.

Detailed location instructions provided by Rob Dishon. "Twp Rd. 191 is Marsh St. The house just north of Twp. Rd 191 is directly across the street from where the old store stood." Photo 2 (Google street view) indicates the referenced house at the left of the view and the stop sign marks the location of the intersection of Twp. Rd. with OH Rt. 93. Photo 3 is another view of the store taken from the northwest, with OH Rt. 93 (Main St.) in the foreground.
Where to find it
*GONE* OH Rt. 93, in McCuneville, north of the OH Rt. 93/OH Rt. 155 junction, in Shawnee, by 2.2 miles. The building was on the right side of the highway headed north. The sign faced south. One side. Black.
Latitude °
39° 37.60'
Longitude °
-82° 14.10'
Barn Map
Latitude: 39.62669248821588       Longitude:-82.23493242116399
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