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Jefferson Co, OH
Sides Painted
Black, Brown
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Yes, Greatly faded
Photos 1 & 3 by Lonnie Schnauffer (Feb. 2000). Photo 2 by unknown (1937 - Eileen Hagerty Moody Collection). Photos 4 & 5 by Dave Tower (July 15, 2001). Photo 6 by unknown. Photo 7 by Steve Hagy (May 29, 2007). Photo 8 by Scott Amus (Apr. 30, 2010). Photo 9 Bing Map's bird's eye view (ca. 2010-12). Photo 10 by Dr. Ken Jones (2013).
Other Information
Photo 2 is a view of the sign taken during the Ohio River flood of 1937.

Original background was black; however, the sign has faded and the prevalent background color is that of the brick.

Much of the movie 'The Deer Hunter' was filmed in Mingo Junction since it was a "classic" mill town located along the Ohio River.  In the movie there is a scene where Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep are having a conversation while walking down the sidewalk as other people pass.  Photos 1, 3 & 4 were taken from that spot, shown in the movie.
Where to find it
Corner of Commerce St. & Ravine St. in Mingo Junction. The building is on the right side of the street headed southwest on Commerce St. toward Ravine St. The MP sign faces northeast. One side. Brick building. Original black brown of brick color bleeding through.
Latitude °
40° 19.20'
Longitude °
-80° 36.43'
Barn Map
Latitude: 40.31993635905314       Longitude:-80.60719254358594
Author: David Tower
Modified by: David Tower
Modified on: 21st Mar, 2015 10:28 PM
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