MPS 35-30-13

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Guernsey Co, OH
Sides Painted
Black, White
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Yes, Greatly faded, Painted over
Photo 1 by Elmer Napier. Photo 2 by Lonnie Schnauffer (Dec. 2002). Photo 3 by unknown (Nov. 26, 2008). Photo 4 Google street view (Oct. 2013).
Other Information
The building still remains; however, the majority of the MP sign has been painted over. In photo 4 Google street view (Oct. 2013), it appears that more of the sign is beginning to bleed through the white over-paint.
Where to find it
At the corner of Wheeling Ave. (US Rt. 22/US Rt. 40/OH Rt. 209) & S. 7th St, in Cambridge. The building is one block east of MPS/BDS 35-30-09. The building is on the southwest corner of the Wheeling Ave./S. 7th St. intersection. The MP sign faced east. One side. Originally black background. Mostly painted over with (as of 2008) only a small portion of the MP sign visible.
Latitude °
40° 01.48'
Longitude °
-81° 35.51'
Barn Map
Latitude: 40.02467777431978       Longitude:-81.59183044510655
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