MPS 14-30-04

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Hancock Co, IN
Sides Painted
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Unique Sign
Still Standing
Photos 1-4 by Nancy Fuel Neal (June 2, 2015). Photos 5-9 by unknown (Mar. 2015).
Other Information
The sign is on the second floor wall of tenant Izzybug Photography. The two story brick building was built in 1920 and the wall with the sign was originally the southeast exterior wall of the adjacent building. Casey Grimpe, owner of Izzybug, had the old plaster carefully removed in March, 2015, and the restored sign is a feature of the Studio Decor.  The business below plastered over the historic sign.  

Photos 5-9 show the progression of the uncovering of the Mail Pouch sign. 

Mail Pouch 'Coupon' signs are rare. There are two others on the website (there may be another one or two), that are in Indiana. MPS 38-01, in Redkey, Jay Co, IN.; and, MPS 14-48-02, in Elwood, Madison Co., IN.
Where to find it
18 1/2 Main St. (IN Rt. 13), in Fortville. The two story brick building is on the left side of the street, northwest of the RR Tracks by about 130'.
Latitude °
39° 56.01'
Longitude °
-85° 50.97'
Barn Map
Latitude: 39.9335536777626       Longitude:-85.84953291038128
Author: David Tower
Item ID: 2553

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