MPB/WOW 38-39-02

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Lehigh Co, PA
Sides Painted
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photo 1 by James Cooper. Photo 2 by Gyla Schnauffer (June 10, 2002). Photos 3-5, 9 & 10 by unknown. Photos 6 & 7 by unknown (Mar. 14, 2008). Photo 8 by Gregg Obst (Dec. 18, 2010). Photo 11 Bing Map's bird's eye view.
Other Information
In a note accompanying his photograph, Gregg Obst writes "This Mail Pouch Barn is currently disassembled and in storage. They will be re-assembling it in Ontelaunee Park in New Tripoli once they get the land prepped there. The Lynn-Weisenberg Historical Society has been doing fund raising to pay for the project. The daughter of the Barn's owner is heavily involved in its preservation. When they disassembled it, much of the upper barn wood was thought to be too brittle to be saved, including the wood that the Mail Pouch sign is on, but later on, it was determined that they could preserve much of it for display within the barn but not as external walls. They have a Mennonite carpentry team who is doing much of the work on a volunteer basis so it is in good hands."
Where to find it
*GONE (razed and stored)* PA Rt. 309, west of PA Rt. 100 by about 2.2 miles. The barn was on the left side of the highway headed west. The MP sign faced west. On a golf course (Old Homestead Golf Club). One end. Painted over, but bleeding through.
Latitude °
40° 40.94'
Longitude °
-75° 44.12'
Barn Map
Latitude: 40.68228538812417       Longitude:-75.73531906151578
Author: Ryan Eash
Modified by: David Tower
Modified on: 16th Apr, 2014 12:41 AM
Item ID: 1971

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