MPB 48-42-08

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Randolph Co, WV
Sides Painted
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photos 1 & 7 by either Harley or Roger Warrick (Warrick Family Collection). Photo 2 by Martha Dougherty (1984). Photos 3-5 & 9 by Larry Zinn (Sept. 20, 1987 - contributed by Butch Moon). Photos 6 & 10 by Martha Dougherty (1990). Photo 8 by Jim Hopkins (1986).
Other Information
Roger Warrick heklped his father paint this barn back in the early 1980's.

The GPS coordinates are approximate and many items in the views match the items in the Google street view.

Included photo5 by Jim Hopkins since there are not many views of the barn. Attempts have been made to contact Jim Hopkins; however, no results as yet. Interesting note regarding his photograph. He took the photo of his friends , who the day before had gone spelunking in the Simmons Mingo Cave, which according to information on the internet is a dangerous cave. He said they did their caving with 'cold beer and liquor'!! 
Where to find it
*GONE (fallen and removed)*US Rt. 219/WV Rt. 55, north of Valley Head. The barn was on the left side of the highway headed north. Two ends. Black.
Latitude °
38° 33.46'
Longitude °
-80° 05.00'
Barn Map
Latitude: 38.5576443739604       Longitude:-80.03327474429318
Author: David Tower
Modified by: David Tower
Modified on: 28th Feb, 2016 12:06 PM
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