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Centre Co, PA
Sides Painted
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photo 1 by Dave and Mary Ann Shaver (Nov. 8, 1986). Photos 2 & 3 by Fred Yenerall (1976 - Contributed by Lonnie Schnauffer). Photo 4 Google Earth street view (Aug. 2009).
Other Information
Photo 3 is a Google Earth street view of the house that is barely visible in Photo 1 behind the barn. Comparison of the features in the house in each of the photographs allowed for positive location of where the barn once stood. The details of the Mail Pouch sing in photos 1-3 make it obvious that this is the same barn in the Yenerall and Shaver photos. The difference in the house in the Yenerall and Shaver photos is due to remodelling that would have occurred over 10 year period.
Where to find it
*GONE* US Rt. 220 (S. Eagle Valley Rd.) southwest of Beaver Rd., in Julian, by about 0.8 mile. The barn was on the right side of the highway headed southwest. The MP sign faced southwest. One end. Black.
Latitude °
40° 51.55'
Longitude °
-77° 57.05'
Barn Map
Latitude: 40.85915699976569       Longitude:-77.95076835608216
Author: Ryan Eash
Modified by: David Tower
Modified on: 28th Feb, 2014 08:25 PM
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