MPB 35-69-05

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Putnam Co, OH
Sides Painted
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photos 1-3 by Larry Zinn (Oct. 1990 - contributed by Butch Moon).
Other Information
Review of Google and Bing map programs shows that the old existing farm was cleared and new up-scale house constructed. The note in Larry Zinn's album say the barn was located "3.0 miles east of the OH Rt. 15/OH Rt. 108 intersection". The note on the back of all three photographs states "2.9 miles east of OH Rt. 15/OH Rt. 108 intersection, at box 11879." Using Google map tools, the location used for the coordinates below show a distance of 2.4 miles east of the OH Rt. 15/OH Rt. 108 intersection. In addition, if you place the arrow marker in the program at the driveway below the arrow the locator ID is '11897 OH-15, Ottawa, OH'".
Where to find it
*GONE (razed and removed)* OH Rt 15 northwest of OH Rt. 65 intersection, in Ottawa, by 3.1 miles. The barn was on the right side of the highway headed northwest. The MP sign faced southeast.
Latitude °
41° 03.30'
Longitude °
-84° 05.36'
Barn Map
Latitude: 41.05478795054728       Longitude:-84.0892871962951
Author: David Tower
Item ID: 2586

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