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Carroll Co, OH
Sides Painted
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photo 1 by Tom Walczak (Sept. 27, 1987). Photo 2 by Tom Fritsch (April 24, 1988). Photos 3 & 5 by Jim Langston. Photo 4 by Lonnie Schnauffer (Mar. 1999). Photo 6 by unknown.
Other Information
The barn was demolished in 2002 to make room for the new 40 acre salvage yard for Fox Auto Parts, Inc.
This barn was featured in an advertisement by Vintage Log and Lumber Company (Photo 5). This company buys old buildings (including barns) and sells the lumber. The advertisement was dated October 2000. The wording with the photograph of the barn states "These painted barn sides are carefully dismantled and numbered for easy reassembly. A blueprint is provided." A recent review of the company's website indicates that once an advertised unit is sold it no longer remains on the site. The company was contacted on two occasions to see if additional information regarding this barn could be obtained; however, there was never any response.

Photos 1-3 are views of the southwest end of the barn.

Photos 4-6 are views of the northeast end of the barn.
Where to find it
*GONE (razed and removed)* OH Rt. 43/OH Rt. 183 (Alliance Rd NW) west of N. Reed Ave. intersection, in Malvern, by 2.8 miles. Two ends. Black.
Latitude °
40° 40.92'
Longitude °
-81° 13.95'
Barn Map
Latitude: 40.68191022519137       Longitude:-81.23249642301636
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