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Athens Co, OH
Sides Painted
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Photos 1-3 by Larry Zinn (ca. 1985 - contributed by Butch Moon). Photo 4 Google satellite view.
Other Information
The location information is from notes by Larry Zinn. The barn is along the old section of US Rt. 50 which was abandoned when the US Rt. 30/OH Rt. 32 (James A Rhodes Highway) was constructed. In photo 3 (Google satellite view) the barn is clearly recognizable. Compare the location of the silo in the two photos with the location of the silo in the satellite view. Also note that, when looking at the Mail Pouch end of the barn there is a shed extension projecting out from the end of the barn. This shed extension is also visible in photo 3. Because of the treeline along old US Rt. 50 and the fact that that section is no longer travelled it is not surprsing that the Mail Pouch sign has not been noticed. 
Where to find it
US Rt. 50/OH Rt. 32 (James A Rhodes Hwy) east of the US Rt. 50/US Rt. 33 interchange, southeast of Athens, by about 6.8 miles. North side of the highway. Actually along the section of US Rt. 50 which was abandoned years ago. The MP sign faces west. One end. Black.
Latitude °
39° 18.63'
Longitude °
-81° 58.26'
Barn Map
Latitude: 39.31043358866691       Longitude:-81.97096250632933
Author: David Tower
Modified by: David Tower
Modified on: 28th Mar, 2015 12:19 PM
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