HSC 35-31-04

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Hamilton Co, OH
Sides Painted
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
Still Standing
Yes, Greatly faded
Photos 1 & 2 by Frank H. Jump (June 1999).
Photo 3 by Dr. Ken Jones (2012).
Photo 4 by Frank H. Jump (Aug. 12, 2015).
Photo 5 Google street view (Aug. 2017).
Other Information
*ID corrected - Barn originally designated this ID # was identified to actually be the same as MPB 17-36-01. All relevant information and photos were added to that entry. - 2/24/15 - RSE*
Where to find it
Along Vine St. south of E. Liberty St. intersection, in Cincinnati, by about 260'. The 5 story masonry building is on the left side of Vine St. headed south from E. Liberty St. The Havana Seconds Cigar sign faces north. Unknown original background color. Probably black. Greatly faded.
Latitude °
N 39° 06.73'
Longitude °
W -84° 30.94'
Barn Map
Latitude: 39.1121200007989       Longitude:-84.51559677724606
Author: David Tower
Modified by: David Tower
Modified on: 10th Feb, 2018 05:55 PM
Item ID: 687

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