BDS 38-02-16

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Allegheny Co, PA
Sides Painted
Other Building
Still Standing
Photos 1 & 2 by unknown (June 22, 2010 Pittsburgh Historical Archives). Photo 3 Google Earth street view (June 2011).
Other Information
The two-story frame building shown at the right of photos 1 & 2, with the Bull Durham sign, was in the same location as the two-story brick building in Photo 3. All the views are looking toward Lenora St. 

Photo 1 is a magnification of Photo 2 to provide addtional detail of the Bull Durham sign. Note that these two photos were taken in 1910 and the Google Earth street view is 2011, 101 years later!
Where to find it
*GONE* Northeast corner of the Larimer Ave. & Meadow St. intersection, in the East Liberty section of pittsburgh. The BD sign faced southwest. One side. Two-story frame building. Black.
Latitude °
40° 27.93'
Longitude °
-79° 54.87'
Barn Map
Latitude: 40.465413444914496       Longitude:-79.91449799140173
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