BDS 30-20-01

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Union Co, NJ
Sides Painted
Brick Building
Unique Characteristics
None, Uncovered Sign
Still Standing
Yes, Greatly faded
Photos 1 - 3 by Bernice Paglia (Dec. 25, 2011). Photo 4 Google Earth street view (Sept. 2007). Photo 5 by Bernice Paglia (Dec. 17, 2011).
Other Information
Bernice Paglia is a feature writer/photographer for the Plaintalker II, which serves the Plainfield area.

Photo 5 is a view of the front of the building taken after the fire on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011 all but destroyed the structure.

As of Aug. 2013 a portion of the building has been removed and a part of the BD sign is still visible.
Where to find it
North Ave. northeast of Park Ave., in Plainfield, by about 200'. The three-story brick building, which has been partially removed, is on the left side of North Ave. headed northeast. The BD sign faces northeast. One side. Three-story brick building. Brown. Greatly faded and partially gone.
Latitude °
40° 37.09'
Longitude °
-74° 25.31'
Barn Map
Latitude: 40.61816414167817       Longitude:-74.42180779325412
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