Maurice Zimmerman - An Original Barn Painter

mz01Contributions for this section on Maurice Zimmerman by Maxine Zimmerman Dudley and Norman Zimmerman, daughter and son of Maurice. All photos from the Zimmerman family collection.

Narrative:  The Barns Remain, but the Artists are Forgotten!
(By Gerald P. Carl - 1984)






  • mz1

    Early in his sign painting career - Zim on the left and his helper Roy Smalley on the right.  The year was 1925.

  • mz2

    The six original Mail Pouch barn painters all lined up for a picture in 1925.  Maurice is the one at the far right.

  • mz3

    Maurice in his "skins" at a barn near Ashtabula in 1925.

  • mz4

    Maurice and Harley Warrick

  • mz5

    Zim was retired when his son asked him to paint the famous sign on his backyard barn, shown in this picture.  See a current picture of the barn:  MPB 35-30-16

  • mz6

    On the cover of Ohio's Heritage

  • mz7

    The first barn Zim painted, near Norwalk, Ohio

  • mz8

    Barn Zim painted near Anderson IN

  • mz9

    Multiple barn style sign Zim painted near Columbus, Ohio

  • mz10

    A rare oval sign Zim painted near Defiance, Ohio

  • mz11

    Another picture of an oval sign painted by Maurice.

  • mp12

    Another one of Zim's signs.  Location unknown.

  • mp12

    Another one of Zim's signs.  Location unknown.

  • mz12

    A Red Man sign painted on a barn by Zim

  • mz13
  • mz14

    In front of MPB 35-30-10.  Contributed by Lonnie Schnauffer