Malabar Farms

Malabar Farms

Richland County, Ohio



Probably the highlight of my hobby was seeing Mr. Warrick paint a Mail Pouch sign at Malabar Farms near Loudonville, Ohio during the summer of 1997.  A bib-wearing Warrick painted the famous slogan one last time in front of a small but excited group of Mail Pouch enthusiasts.  The small crowd watched, fascinated, as a huge gray panel of wood was slowly transformed into one more example of disappearing Americana.  As he worked, members of the audience asked questions that ranged from the content of the paint he used (a mixture of lampblack and linseed oil) to the coffee table book he is currently writing with the help of his daughter.  When he finished the sign, Warrick autographed memorabilia which people had brought along, and even paused to have his photo taken with various dedicated "fans."  I consider myself lucky to have been one of the few people to actually witness Warrick painting one of these signs.

Eddie Robberts

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