Harley Warrick - The Last Barn Painter

Harley WarrickHarley Warrick
(The last Mail Pouch barn painter)








Harley Warrick Slideshow

  • hw1

    Harley after painting MPB 25-49-01 at Red Oak II.
    Picture by Maureen and Hank Louisa Jr.

  • hw2

    See MPB 14-16-04 for location information.
    Photo by Schley Cox (1972)
    Contributed by Roger Warrick.

  • hw3

    Painted by Harley in Aug. 1993, this painting was the subject of painting done by Ray Day.
    Click on picture for more images of this barn being painted.

    All pictures in this series by Tom Plimpton.  MPB 14-31-05

  • hw4

    Painting 1 of 4 signs in Redkey, Indiana.

    See MPS 14-38-01 for location information.

    Photos by Mike Fender (1987)
    Contributed by Roger Warrick

  • hw5

    MPS 14-38-01 finished

    Photo by Mike Fender (1987)
    Contributed by Roger Warrick

  • hw6

    Painting MPB 14-38-04 in Redkey

    Photo by Mike Fender, submitted by Roger Warrick
    This photo was used on the cover of1987 Signs of the Times magazine.

  • hw7

    Harley came out of retirement to paint this barn in Barkcamp State Park in 1994.  Click picture to see more.

  • hw8

    Painting MPB 35-10-05 at Algonquin Mill Historical Site.

    Photo by Kent Rhodes, Algonquin Mill Festival, 1986.  Submitted by Roger Warick.

  • hw9

    Painting a sign at Malabar Farm State Park in 1997.  Click on picture for more.  Picture by Jack Brown.

  • hw10

    Painting a barn at Algonquin Mill Historical site on Labor Day 2000.  Although this was not a Mail Pouch Barn, two MP barns are located at this historical site:  MPB 35-10-04 & MPB 35-10-05.

    Photo submitted by Janice Petko.

  • hw11

    Harley Warrick working in his shop in Bellmont County, OH.  Click for more.

    Photo submitted by Elmer Napier.

  • hw12

    Harley at the "Town and Country Days Festival" at New Martinsville, W.V. 

    Photo by Bill Plack 1986

  • hw13

    Harley with his truck at the "Town and Country Days Festival" at New Martinsville, W.V.

    Photo by Bill Plack 1986

  • hw14

    Painting by Harley Warrick.  Click for more.

    Picture provided by Jack Brown.

  • hw15

    Harley by his truck.

    Photo by Edwin C. Wade