Board of Directors



Roger Warrick, President
(Term expires: 2018)
Burlington, KY
Warrick literally grew up around Mail Pouch barns as the son of the late Harley Warrick, the last of the barn painters. He has been involved with the Barnstormers since its formation, serving as the club's historian and designing items for the club store and publishing his dad's book. He is a freelance illustrator and motorsports artist, married to Whitney, with 3 cats.

Chris Maher, Vice President

(Term expires: 2018)
Carmel, NY
Maher is a lawyer who practices in New York. He has been an avid Barnstormer since joining the organization in 2008 and "can't think of anything more enjoyable than going to places like Oakland, Ill." (home of the 2012 featured Mail Pouch barn).

Rick Campbell, Treasurer

(Term expires: 2016)
Mt. Gilead, OH
Campbell has been involved with Barnstormers since attending the very first picnic. He was the Membership Coordinator and Database Manager for the Barnstormers until 2011. Rick has been the Membership Services Director for a regional trade association for more than 20 years in Hilliard, Ohio. Married to Ann, a Title I reading teacher, his main hobby besides Mail Pouch collecting is officiating high school track and cross country meets.

Eddie Black, Secretary
(Term expires: 2018)
Lancaster, OH
Black has been involved with Barnstormers since attending the very first picnic. She held an office every year since the club's formation, serving as club secretary, treasurer, and newsletter editor until finally "retiring" a few years ago after 10 years of service. She is a high school teacher and has a young son. "In my rare bits of spare time I like to read and go birdwatching."

Bill Vint, Executive Director

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(Term expires: 2017)
East Troy, WI
Vint is a journalist by trade, with daily newspaper and magazine backgrounds. He is retired from the United States Bowling Congress but continues to work in the world of bowling, handling news media relations for the Professional Bowlers Association through the company he co-founded, Sleeping Dogs Communications. He and wife Lisa (who got him interested in the Mail Pouch world) also own Windy City Bowling News, a monthly tabloid serving the Chicago metroplex. Vint has been editor of the Mail Pouch Barnstormers newsletter since 2011.

Doug Blevins

(Term expires: 2017)
York, PA
Blevins is a sign painter and a long-time member of the Barnstormers and plays a key role as "auctioneer" at the annual Barnstormers gathering in Belmont. "I'm not really an auctioneer, but I play one at the picnic," he says.

Ryan Eash
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(Term expires: 2016)
Johnstown, PA
Eash is a married father of two young boys. He is an electrical engineer that grew up and currently lives near Johnstown, PA. He inherited an interest in Mail Pouch barns in 1998 from his late grandfather, and has been taking photographs ever since. He has been a Barnstormers member since 2008.  He and his wife, Rhonda, recently built the new website, and have been transferring information to it with the recruited help of veteran member Dave Tower.

Chad Wilkins
(Term expires: 2016)
Glenford, OH
Wilkins is a code enforcement officer for the city of Columbus, Ohio, who developed a boyhood fascination with Mail Pouch barns and now tours the country on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle with constant companion Tammy Daley, photographing Mail Pouch signs wherever he can find them. A history buff, Wilkins also has built a replica of an old gasoline station at his home.

Judy Humphrey
(Term expires: 2017)
Senecaville, OH
Humphrey developed an early fascination with old barns which led to taking photos “whenever I had a chance.” Her artistic side led to the University of Akron and Kent State University where she studied commercial art and photography. Upon graduation, she went to work at Buckeye Schools in Medina, Ohio. Now retired from teaching, she continues to pursue her passions for acrylic painting and photography for personal pleasure.